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1. What is the biggest animal in the world?The biggest animal in the world is the blue whale.The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world 2. What is the most delicious food in the world?Seafood is the most delicious food in the world 3. What was the happiest day of your life?The birth of my daughter/ my daughter’s birth was the happiest day of my life. 4. What is the highest mountain in the world?The Everest is the highest mountain in the world.The highest mountain in the world is the Everest. 5. Who is the tallest person in the class?Jose is the tallest person in the class.The tallest person in the class is Jose 6. Who is the most handsome actor in the world?Matt Damon is the most handsome actor in the world. 7. Who is the most beautiful actress in the world?Penélope Cruz is the most beautiful actress in the world. 8. What is the most delicious food?Seafood is the most delicious food in the world 9. What is the most common drink in Spain?Wine is the most common d
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TRANSLATE INTO ENGLISH Mis padres son altos y morenos. A My parents are tall and dark . N Myparents aren’t tall or dark. I Areyour parents tall and dark? Yes, they are / No, they aren’t Mi hermana está en la cocina. A Mysister is in the kitchen . N Mysister isn’t in the kitchen . I Isyour sister in the kitchen? Yes, she is / No, she isn’t Tengo mucho frío hoy. A Iam very cold today. I have a cold N I’mnot very cold today. I Areyou very cold today? Yes, I am / No, I’m not . Mi tío tiene dos restaurantes en el sur de España. A Myuncle has got two restaurants in the south of Spain. N Myuncle hasn’t got two restaurants in the south of Spain. I Hasyour uncle got two restaurants in the south of Spain? Yes, he has/No, he hasn’t.   North south west east Yo voy al teatro con mis padres dos veces al año. A Igo to the theatre with my parents twice a year. N Idon’t go to the


Easter is the most important festivity of the year for Christians.  On Easter Day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Easter Day is on the first Sunday after the full moon in March.  This day is between 22 March and 25 April. For Christians the week before Easter is Holy Week. On Holy Thursday Christians remember the last meal Jesus had with his Disciples. On Good Friday Christians believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross.  On Easter Day they believe that Jesus Christ came back to life and went to heaven. Many Christian families go to church on Easter Day in the morning.  There are also non-religious Easter traditions. One of these is wearing new clothes or new shoes. In America there are Easter Bonnet parades. Girls and women make their own original Easter bonnets and march in a parade. The famous Easter Bonnet Parade on Fifth Avenue in New York City is a tradition from the middle of the nineteenth century. Thousands of people go to watch it.

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1.- What are you doing now?   I am studying English now 2.- Where is your friend from? My friend is from ... 3.- How do you spell your favourite food?         PAELLA              rice 4.- What are you going to do this weekend?         I am going to work on my farm this weekend.         I am going on holiday         I am going to dress up as a clown/ as a policeman/ as a princess/ a pirate/ a woman/ spiderman/          chef /  a nurse 5.- Do you like meeting new people?    Yes, I like meeting new people.    Yes, I do/ No, I don’t 6.- Do you go shopping on Saturdays?  No, I don’t. I go to the cinema 7.- What will you do if you learn English?     If I learn English, I will go to London 8.- Is there a castle in your town?  No, there isn’t / Yes, there is 9.- What do you usually do on Sundays?  I rest on Sundays. On Sundays I rest.  I clean my house/ I     do the cleaning on Sundays 10.- When do you go to the swimming pool?  I don’t go to the swimming pool.  I

The Railway children

The  Railway Children     E. Nesbit CHAPTER ONE          The Thief                                                                                                           Amazon BBC Audio Audiolibro Audiolibro - ligazón 2 Film BBC serial 1968 1970 Film Learn English Animated version Level 5 They were not railway children at first. They looked at trains and travelled on them sometimes. But they did not know much about them. There were three children: Roberta (Bobbie), 12, Peter, 10 and Phyllis, 8. Bobbie was a friendly girl with long brown hair and blue eyes. She was clever and pretty. Peter had blond hair and blue eyes and wanted to be an engineer . Sometimes he did not get on with  his sisters. Phyllis was their little sister with red hair and green eyes. She always wanted to play with Bobbie and Peter. They were lucky children because they had pretty clothes, lots of toys and a friendly nanny . They lived with their mother